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Try These Four Fashionable Neckbands for Less Than Rs 2000

Neckbands are added to the list of smart gadgets after smartphones and smartwatches. With clever play capabilities, etc., they are wireless and spare you the trouble of untangling an earpiece. Today, neckbands and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) are often seen. People who use an audio device continuously for 5–10 hours a day may benefit from wearing a neckband. Users will no longer worry about an earpiece slipping out.

There are many alternatives available on the market, so picking the best one could seem challenging. So, to assist you in your selection, below is a list of neckbands that are affordable:

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z2: is a must-have item for lists like these.
It is essentially the same as its predecessor, the Z bass. Volume and media playback controls are located in the left column. The center button has several uses; for instance, pressing it twice will skip to the next song, while pressing it three times will return to the previous song. To start pairing, press and hold the button. A 2.4mm driver is also utilized to answer and finish calls. Magnetic controls are also included. They have big (12.4 mm) drivers. balanced audio is produced. Priced at Rs 1999, it.

OPPO ENCO M32: Oppo was first an audio maker before becoming a significant smartphone manufacturer. They have a long history with the audio business, and their product shows it. Although it lacks the small design of its forerunner, the build quality has increased. The 10mm dynamic drivers of the Oppo Enco M32. The music has a bright, energizing feel. The business claims that 10 minutes of charging will result in 20 hours of listening. The IP55 rating of the headset. On Amazon, it is offered for Rs 1,799 in India.

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BOAT ROCKER 333: A magnetic earphone and metal control board are attached to a rubber neckband. The power button and the volume control button are located on the right side. On the right side, there is a USB type-c port for charging. There is a 10mm driver. When bass-heavy songs are played, the earphones provide a powerful sound that has a remarkable effect. It is rated IPX5. It works well with batteries. Active Black, Ocean Blue, Navy Blue, Teal Green, Blazing Yellow, and Raging Red are just a few of the hues that are offered. The price is Rs 1299.

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MIVI COLLAR FLASH PRO: The fourth item on the list, this one is thin yet durable and fits comfortably around your neck. It may easily fit into your pockets and can be twisted into any form. These earbuds have a dual-battery configuration. The control panel contains three buttons—Multi-function, Volume Up, and Volume Down—and has a matte appearance. The biggest dynamic driver on this list is found in these earphones, measuring 13mm. It allows quick charging and has a playback life of up to 72 hours for music. It is offered on Amazon for Rs 1399.



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