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Microsoft improves Excel formulas

Microsoft has announced that it would provide new features to its Excel spreadsheet service to make calculations easier.

The new features are intended to help users save time and learn more about Excel formulas, according to a blog post by the software giant.

The enterprise added five new features to Excel for the web: ‘Formula Suggestions,’ ‘Formula by Example,’ ‘Suggested Links,’ the option to add a search bar to the query pane, and the ‘IMAGE Function’

Using the Formula Suggestions function, when a user enters the ” sign in a cell or the formula bar, Excel will recommend the optimal formula based on contextual insights from the data.

In contrast, with the ‘Formula by Example’ feature, the spreadsheet will now advise that the entire column be filled with a formula if it detects a pattern during manual and repetitive data entry in a column.

The tech giant also introduced four new Excel for Windows features: the option to add a keyboard shortcut to activate the power query editor, the ability to construct nested power query data types (Insiders), the addition of obtain data from dynamic arrays (Insiders), and the ‘IMAGE Function’.

To quickly launch the Power Query Editor, users can now press Alt + F12 (Win32) or Option + F12 (Mac).

With the ability to build nested power query data types, users may now organize their data in an even more efficient manner. This functionality is currently being rolled out to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft is also releasing the ‘IMAGE Function’ functionality for Mac, which enables users to insert images from a source location into cells alongside alternative text.



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