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Lagos, The Silicon Valley of Africa

Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria and is gradually transforming into the center of technology in Africa. A recent survey shows that Lagos has a total of over 80 tech companies with diverse activities in tech solutions, training, and innovations. Outlined below are some functions of some tech companies in Lagos.

IT solutions

A lot of tech companies in Lagos take a lot of time to render solutions to issues arising from Information Technology. In Africa, there is a need for a tech solution by entrepreneurs and companies that want to expand their businesses this has led to frequent patronage of IT solution tech companies, making them stand out in Lagos and adding value to the city’s economic growth. Some of these solutions offered include Cloud Services, Cyber Security Solutions, Software Solutions, Hardware Servicing and Product deals, and Networking Services. Some IT solution companies in Lagos are; DataFlex Nig Limited, NIIT, ITRDN Technologies Solution, Rayspeed Communications Limited, Resourcery Limited, IMT Computers, Techdotcom, Flash IT solutions, i-TechLink Solutions, and much more.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an area in tech that is very necessary for any growing and expanding business. Since businesses set goals each year and quarter of the year to meet up with a target expectation a lot of agendas are undertaken and most importantly that of digital marketing. These tech companies offer digital strategy training, courses, and services in digital marketing to interested companies and entrepreneurs, helping them learn and master the art of marketing their brands and products online.  These tech marketers will assist the companies to advertise their products and services by promoting or showcasing these products on various websites, socials, and pages online. Some of these Tech companies are Spaceloft Digital Marketing and PR Agency, Crank Digital NG, PrimeGate Digital, Wow Effect Communications, Pandora Agency Limited, Algorithm Media, TECHSHAWE, GDM Group, The Zed Company, Kong Marketing Agency, Cybertron Ads, Octoplus Marketing and more. 

E-commerce Services

Over the years eyes of most e-commerce tech companies around the world have been in Lagos, and in recent times some have moved their branches into the city because of the evident growth in tech. A lot of companies have ventured into e-commerce activities and such noticeable ventures are seen in the banking system and upcoming businesses that have taken up business transactions on the internet. These tech companies approach electronic dissemination of transactions in businesses either by using Business-to-business, business-to-consumer, Consumer to consumer, and business to government. Their application services to companies include data or transaction management and brokerage services, Interface and support layers, middleware and structured document interchange, Secure messaging, security, electronic document interchange, and Network Infrastructure. E-commerce tech companies use these applications to create online transactions and data management systems for companies and entrepreneurs. These applications are used to build major banking apps, crypto-trading apps, online shopping and vending apps, bookings and rental sites, and others. Some of the E-commerce that offers these services in Lagos are Binance, Optisoft Technology, Uprise Digital, Boldfruit, BSTEEVES Hub, Prestmit, and much more.

Software Development

Undoubtedly, a lot has changed in the world of technological advances and Africa is taking a huge turn in with the trend, especially in Lagos Nigeria. Apart from the enormous growth in other areas, most international software development companies have set up branches in Lagos. A lot of business companies in Lagos as chosen the digital trend of doing business transactions, show-casing business products and services, creating a database management system for their clients to have easy access to their offers as well as making customers the opportunity of getting firsthand information on latest updates on their offers and changes if eminent. Companies in Nigeria, especially in Lagos have a tech department that runs the necessary updates in the backend data storage and stays alert for any issue that may arise during such processes. Amongst the areas explored by companies in software development are training courses for individuals, social media development, portal development, web development, mobile app development, user interface, and user experience designs for client user access. Some companies that offer services in software development in Lagos are Microsoft, EASYTEK solution, Dataflex, Mira Technologies, Imperial Soft Companies, Inits Limited, AITECHMA, Decagon, and more.

Software Solutions

A lot of companies consistently change their mode of operations or upgrade their software applications and database, an optimized user interface for document collection and storage in the database, and collection of uploaded documents by solutions rendered by the company’s programmers. Lagos state tech companies have specialized their functions and practices into rendering solutions to upcoming projects that pose problems to businesses and companies. A typical problem is a need for quick submission, upload, and verification of document/data collected in a short time frame. These techies create an easy communication route between stakeholders and customers and create a software application that can generate receipts for uploaded data information and store a record of the information on the system’s data. They specialize in solutions to word processing applications, accounts software, billing software, payroll software, database software, asset management software, and publishing application programs. Some software solution tech companies in Lagos are Softcube Solutions, Infinity Software Solutions, Special Man Global Solutions, Alphatech Software Solutions, Olivet Cloud Solutions, Biodux Solutions, AviTech Software Solutions, Verintech Software Solutions, Minyx360 Technology Software Solutions, Petrong Software Solutions, Microwave Solutions, and more.

ICT Communication Companies

Telecommunication software developers and ICT communication companies have expanded their operations in Lagos, with the high demand for telecommunication software engineers and developers to help rectify and fix problems rising from telecommunication businesses. A few of the numerous services rendered by developers and ICT telecom companies include network virtualization, optimization, planning, and other areas of network development. Unified communication as a service and voice-over IP development, UCaaS/VoIP, and BSS automation are important aspects that telecom businesses have needs to venture into full broadcasting services. BSS automation also known as business support systems, are applications that assist with transactions like customer billings, subscriptions, data planning, customer engagements, and other revenues. Other services are DevOps adoptions, cloud engineering, and data analytics. Some tech companies in Lagos rendering these services are SB Telecoms & Devices Limited, Deepija Telecom Nigeria Lagos, LALA TECH, Voice & Data Technologies Limited, Cloudwey, Vconnect, and more.



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