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iPhone myths that everyone believed

Along with Google and Facebook, Apple is a well watched tech company. Critics and fans have watched Apple’s every move from the 1977 launch of the Apple II through the iPhone, the defining technology of the 21st century that drove Apple to new heights. So it’s no wonder that Apple has always created an unusually high number of misunderstandings disguised as conventional knowledge.

Here are some Misconceptions about iPhone

You Can’t Turn Back

It’s a worldwide belief. After using an iPhone, you cannot utilize Android, Windows, or other devices. This is incorrect, since thousands of people tried Apple and found it wasn’t from them. iPhone users turn back to Android and others to protect their data. Android protects against spam, phishing, malware, and malicious applications.

Malware can’t get into the iPhone.

People buy iPhones quickly because they have heard that they can’t get viruses. Yes, the Apple Store is very careful about the programs it offers to keep its customers safe and secure. This doesn’t mean, though, that none of their phones have viruses.

Overcharging iPhones Causes Permanent Damage

Overcharging lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries doesn’t hurt the devices that use them, let alone iPhones. Once your phone is fully charged, a process called “trickle charging” starts. This means that the charge goes down by 1% and then back up in a cycle. You can’t technically “overcharge” an iPhone. So you don’t have to worry about your phone all night while it’s charging.

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone model.

Apple would want iPhone users to think that iOS is the undisputed leader in the worldwide mobile device market, but the statistics indicates otherwise. Android is the dominant smartphone platform in the majority of nations, having a considerable market share over iPhones.

The iOS software and iPhones from Apple are extensively used. However, this does not imply that the information you have heard about the mobile operating system is accurate. There are some persistent fallacies about iOS that are likely clouding your understanding of how the operating system operates.




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